Creating new and expanded opportunities for brands to extend their reach.

Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Brand building creates incredible value for companies and corporations.


From concept to deployment, my full stack skill set can save you time and money from hiring outside resources.

Brand Building

With a strong understanding of brands and how they influence customers, I'll be sure that you stick out from the competition.


With over 30 years of experience, I can help highlight the path you’re taking to achieve your specific objectives and goals.

I am an excellent communicator with more than 30 years experience creating new and expanded opportunities for brands to extend their reach, deepen their relationship with customers and enhance their business offering through new technology.

From graphic design, web development, application programming, video and film production, and editing, audio composing, performing and recording to emerging technologies and how they translate into cutting-edge marketing solutions, I’ve established myself as the “go-to” resource for many businesses.

I’ve been featured on CNN, and in the Wall Street Journal, and have been a featured speaker nationwide giving lectures about Marketing, Technology, and Social Media. I’ve also won several awards including regional and national Addy’s and Webby’s.

I’ve successfully placed products on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tech TV, CNN, Nickelodeon, Fox TVs Raising Hope, as well as national publications like the WSJ, Oprah, Popular Mechanics, Outside magazine, AARP, and numerous regional press.

Skill Set:

  • Firm understanding of brand marketing and communications
  • Success in redefining interactive and marketing departments
  • Management and leadership of sales and marketing departments
  • Strategic planning and business development
  • Public speaking / PR
  • Developing award-winning multimedia and marketing campaigns
  • Unique ability to take a project from concept through development
  • Product placement / Influencer relationship management
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Expert knowledge in search engine optimization, social media, mobile platforms, and web metrics
  • Award-winning interactive design, including user interface strategies
  • Front and back end coding mastery
  • Creative graphic design skills and software mastery
  • Full stack developer
  • Strong copy-writing and storytelling skills

Examples of work

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Paul Wilson

I worked with Jeff at Biggs|Gilmore, and several years later, was thrilled to encourage adding him to Felder Communications’ staff as Director in my capacity as CSO. Jeff is a joy to work with; an unflappable, enthusiastic, boundlessly resourceful one-man wrecking crew. I understand he is a capable manager, but my experience with him has been more intimate, brain-on-brain, solving problems together. He has an unusual capacity to fully integrate front-end and back-end capabilities, being a capable web developer, gifted designer, and possessing extraordinary technical skill. Jeff has distinguished himself as a true marketer, possessing superb instincts for the interests and needs of his target audiences, and crafting tools and user experiences that engage and deepen their involvement with his clients’ brands.

Brand Strategist/Consumer Insights Expert / BrandTraits

Andrew Brooks

Jeff is a motivated, creative individual who brings success to any project he takes on. Thanks to his interpersonal skills, he has great relations with clients, company employees and vendor partners. He had the vision to see the benefits of a well thought out plan and the passion to turn that into measurable results for TerraTrike.

Account Director / MLive Media Group

Kito Jumanne-Marshall

Jeff is a quadruple threat – he’s a brilliant brand marketer, creative communications/UX strategist, savvy developer, and all-around great guy. Our history goes back nearly 30 years to the start-up of the interactive department at Biggs|Gilmore. Together, we helped the agency successfully expand clients from traditional print media into the digital realm. One of Jeff’s key strengths was demonstrating how a business’ value proposition could translate strongest via digital given the unprecedented “power shifts” the platform was starting to inspire. Jeff’s strong marketing intuitiveness, coupled with his innovative tech skills and outstanding creative talent meant clients gained the critical benefit of a sound, well-rounded, and forward-looking online strategy. He understands the complexities of consumer behavior -specifically the challenges that exist along the path to purchase – and has proven strategies at the ready to resolve them. He’s the best. Jeff is who you want on your team.

Director of Client Engagement / VML

Meg Derrer

Jeff knows his stuff and is able to transfer his knowledge in a usable way for the client. He is flexible, reliable and an overall great guy to work with!!

Marketing Director / Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Jerry Gonto

I am proud to have known Jeff for roughly 40 years as I write this. Jeff is a truly inspiring, creative, collaborative professional who operates with unfailing integrity. I’ve had the pleasure of leveraging Jeff’s partnership and expertise on several very successful marketing, web development/design and SEO projects – and that success in large part is owed to his contributions. Whether the challenge is problem solving, trouble shooting, initial concept, in the box or out of the box – Jeff’s approach and experience will deliver an excellent outcome. Working with him is fun and engaging, and I look forward to tapping his expertise again in the future

Regional Director / Francescas Collections

Steve Witschel

It’s no exaggeration for me to characterize Jeff Yonker as a godsend. When I had no clue on how to proceed with developing, designing, and launching my website Cover Band Central, Jeff stepped in and took charge. His knowledge of all things regarding web design allowed me to focus on the creative aspect of my business, and this remains true to this day. Not only Jeff well versed in technical know-how, he understands and implements the human element. He knows this is about people engaging with people. In addition, Jeff takes a proactive approach regarding anticipated challenges. He knows the obstacles that may need to be overcome, and puts a system in place before they become an issue. Jeff’s ability to handle any task that I throw at him with care, diligence, and precision makes him the ideal candidate for any position available.

Owner / Cover Band Central

Mike Schurr

Along with being creative, efficient and dependable Jeff is an amazing knowledge resource. I swear Jeff could write “how to” books on everything from html to php to global positioning systems. Jeff’s that rare combination, fun to hang out with as well as super reliable, if you have a creative or technical issues he’ll solve it.

Creative Director / Full Circle Marketing and Design

Greg Coccia

I’ve known Jeff for years and he has consistently proven to be an energetic and creative marketing force across all platforms. I’ve never met anyone that can so quickly understand and identify a need or challenge and as quickly match up the most effective and proven strategies for success. He is a great communicator and a versatile talent that would be an enormous asset in any organization.

Business Analysis Manager / Farmers Insurance

Michelle (Thomas) Oswald

Jeff is a true creative, and a savvy and passionate leader in content and digital marketing strategy. His expertise has been instrumental in driving the success of the TerraTrike brand, and he excels at telling a brand’s story in unique and memorable ways. I learned a lot from my time working for him, and strive to emulate his work ethic and dedication to shaping powerful brand moments from the ground up.

Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist / Landscape Forms

John Shagonaby

I have know Jeff for many years and always found him kind, funny, and most of all in this world of business, is creative! He helped me out in early marketing strategies for the Gun Lake Tribe.

Chairman Of The Board / Gun Lake Casino

Michele Miller-Hansen

Jeff is a very creative professional with extensive marketing experience. His passion for the latest in digital technology keeps his skillset cutting edge. Jeff understands the full spectrum of marketing, from digital campaigns and print advertising to social media and web development. I worked with Jeff for 3 years at TerraTrike, and knew I could always count on him to have a great creative idea or two in his back pocket! Jeff is truly a marketing renaissance man… and a fun guy to have on your team.

Creative Director / TerraTrike / WizWheelz

Brad Fleming

Jeff was one of the first developers I ever worked with. What I most appreciated was his willingness to go beyond. To figure out how to do something that would always add to an idea or experience. His years of experience in problem solving are invaluable.

Director of Digital / Creative Strategy / Thompson & Co.

Mike Lovse

Jeff is a versatile player in new media. From his right brain comes original music composition, podcasting, an eye for design and the knack to find the wackiest stuff on the web. From his left brain comes hardcore CD-ROM authoring, PHP coding and one of the most knowledgeable MAC guys I’ve ever encountered.

President and Visionary / Throttle Media

Joe Reichert

I was introduced to Jeff when he was the Marketing Director at TerraTrike. We are one of their many dealers. From the time we first met, I knew that he would do great things for the company. Jeff has the ability to take a different perspective from the usual bicyclist marketing to engage consumers outside the typical bike shop customer. He looked to engage the recreational cyclist as opposed to the hardcore enthusiast. Jeff helped TerraTrike grow significantly year after year, and thereby help my business grow as one of their dealers. He has a very professional demeanor, but still very approachable with his great sense of humor. He was always eager to listen to ideas from the field.

owner / Amlings Cycle

Kristen Myers-Chatman

Jeff and I worked together on multiple projects – I as the account person – he as the designer/developer. He is very easy to work with and he gets the job done! His knowledge base is very impressive and wowed several of my clients. After they met Jeff, they were completely confident that we understood what they needed and Jeff could deliver on that.

District Sales Manager / SalonCentric

Benjamin Franklin Williams

Jeff is exceptionally creative and a pleasure to work with. I’ve always admired his level of creativity and knowledge regarding the latest and greatest in digital and marketing technology. He’s a great team player, and business associate and always seems to find a way to raise the bar.

DIgital Solutions Specialist / Stiles Machinery

Jonathan DeHate

Jeff is a person you want on your team. He is a natural leader and a great people manager. He is able to adjust with the times and stay ahead of his expertise.

Marketing Manager / LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Seth Thompson

Working with Jeff photographing TerraTrikes is always a good time. Direction is very clear, and Jeff is open to other’s ideas. It’s been amazing to watch how deftly Jeff and his marketing skills have elevated the TerraTrike brand.

Photographer/filmmaker / Green Frog

Jason Logan

Jeff was a pleasure to work for and with. He’s always a cool headed professional who is never afraid to take on any project no matter the challenges involved. Jeff is one of the good ones.

Interactive Director / Highland Group

Nate Duckworth

After knowing Jeff as a colleague and mentor in the design and marketing industry for many years, I was lucky enough to get to work with him for a couple of years in a design, web and marketing role. Jeff is a great manager and leader who nurtures creativity in his team and isn’t afraid to share the credit when the job is complete. He is a true “unicorn” in the industry in that he has a natural design sense, a love of learning, and solid skills in coding and web development, staying up on the latest in Internet technology and marketing trends. In addition, Jeff is a passionate brand ambassador with vision to take branding and marketing campaigns from concept to execution with proven success.

Web and UI/UX Designer / Gilson Graphics

Ryan Winfield

Over the last few years of working with Jeff, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by his ability to create connections between the products that he markets and the consumers that buy them. He has a deft knowledge of exactly what customers need to see to create desire for a product, by appealing to the human nature of consumers. From traditional and digital creative, to the understanding of lead generating digital tactics, I’m fully confident that Jeff’s skill set would be applicable in any setting where his creativity and desire to try new things would be showcased.

Digital Strategy Manager / MLive Media Group

Wolfgang Hofmann

Jeff is an outstanding person to work with. His knowledge of the Internet “Zeitgeist” is just as a valuable asset as his ability to solve front-end design and programming issues. He rocks, and you can take that quite literally, just hand him a guitar, any guitar. He’ll noodle on it and next thing you know you have a kick-ass web site and had a good time.

Owner / Chief Creative Consultant / Wolf & Friends LLC

Mike Harley

I have worked with Jeff in the past as his co-worker and have also collaborated with him on several freelance initiatives. Jeff is the guy at the center of the intense movie scene we’re all familiar with…at the center of the war room, with all the major players hovering around him anxiously. But Jeff is not sweating. Jeff cooly pilots the technology when the pressure is on and the stakes are high to deliver his employer out of trouble and climb above the marketing turbulence. This guy has no weak spots. If you need a digital marketing guru or fixer, you definitely want him on your side, not on the competition’s side.

Marketing / Data Physics Corporation

Doug Berger

Jeff was pretty much our whole interactive department at one point. His skill and versatility were important to the growth of the agency at that time.

Creative Manager / Biggs-Gilmore Communications

Kevin Damghani

Jeff is a talented and hardworking marketing and design professional. I have been privileged to work with Jeff across various projects in the past and have seen his attention to detail and personal drive for success stand out. Jeff is a true asset to any team. Jeff has always pushed for greatness on all the projects we have worked together on. He has experience leading teams of marketing professionals. Jeff would be a true asset to any team.

Chief Partner Experience Engineer / IT Partners +

Randy Kaelber

Jeff is a rarity in the world: A person with solid software and systems engineering chops, business acumen, and talent galore in traditionally creative fields like marketing, music, sound, and video production. He has a “can-do” attitude and has great customer focus. I would welcome any chance to work with Jeff in any capacity.

Manager Engineering / Limelight Networks

Sarah Williams

Jeff Yonker’s combination of professionalism, creativity and innovation are unmatched. He has always been ahead of the curve on what’s new in digital media. The projects he touches always seem to turn to marketing gold!

Digital Communications Specialist / Pine Rest Christian Services

Julie Wheat

For the years I worked with Jeff, he proved to be a reliable and valuable member of the team. I always had confidence in the quality of his work, and trusted the input he gave to projects.

Account Manager / Biggs-Gilmore Communications

Gerard Miron

Jeff was an early innovator in the interactive evolution of Biggs|Gilmore. He helped us discover and create meaningful online brand relationships for our clients.

Owner / Biggs-Gilmore Communications

Jeffrey Stowe MBA, CM

Jeff was a staunch customer advocate at Terra Trike. His main goal was to ensure the content he was creating was the most beneficial to the distributors and owners of the Trikes. If you wanted a marketing piece that looked good, reached the right people, and had the desired effect, then Jeff Yonker is the right guy for the job. Talented and dedicated to his work, I’ve never seen a detail not fully considered. It was a pleasure working with this dedicated and straight shooting person.

Territory Manager / Unist Inc

Rod MacQuarrie

Jeff is one of the most creative individuals I’ve ever worked with. He was the creative go-to guy for every project for his first several years at Biggs-Gilmore, and was instrumental in helping to grow the Interactive side of their business to the point where it is now 100% of what they do. He also mentored many of the junior creative staff and helped jumpstart their careers. Jeff always seems to have his finger on the pulse of what’s going on online. I can always count on him to keep me up-to-date on the latest viral marketing technique or cool Web site. He gets my highest recommendation.

Interactive Producer / Biggs-Gilmore Communications

Susan Sherman

I’ve worked with Jeff for more than a decade and he has always been a great adjunct member of our team. Long after he completed the custom development of some of our web assets he has remained available to us to maintain and update them along the way. From minor edits to a near-complete rebuild, Jeff takes ownership of his work and it does not end upon delivery. If his name is on it, he will support it. Jeff is a pleasure to work with, a great communicator throughout the process, and very responsive. If you choose to work with Jeff, you will not be disappointed.

Gerald R. Ford International Airport / Marketing Coordinator

Marino Puhalj

Jeff helped Biggs|Gilmore move into the digital age … His strong technical knowledge with a good understanding of the creative process made Jeff a leader within the development group … Jeff’s skills make him an asset for any organization.

Creative Director / JohnsonRauhoff

Ernie Cox

Jeff was the most solid, creative and consistent developer at the company for the years he was at Biggs-Gilmore. He was the interactive person the agency management knew “would get us where we needed to go”. Not a pushover, because he was always thinking of new ways to do things, and trying to help the group stay calm while innovating in the midst of facing challenges. Jeff was an invaluable driver as the agency made its way towards innovation. He was more than just “there” then, and deserves that acknowledgement. If a company could have a very, very small team of online “magicians”, Jeff Yonker should be there.

Vice President Content, Senior Creative Director / StayWell Company

Jennifer McClellan

Working with Jeff is a true pleasure. He is a professional without an attitude. I know I can count on him to not only do the job and do it on time, but also add value with his extensive knowledge, experience and creative ideas. He can look at something and say this is nice, but did you ever think about trying….. I highly recommend Jeff.

Account Manager / Felder Communications

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